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Austin Eviction Service. You’ve certainly come to the right place. Having a service at the tip of your fingers saves time and money. Consider this how many times you have let a tenant go weeks without any real commitment to pay rent. Was it because of kindness on your part or because of the difficulty, inconvenience and expense of starting an eviction? How much does each week of delay cost you? $200.00 ... $300.00 or more? A simple one or two week delay can actually cost you MORE than the eviction. Why are you waiting?

You do not have to be residing in Austin Texas to complete your tenant eviction. Once you answer the questions, we can take care of the rest. Let’s explain how this whole process works before you decide which service is best for you. Evictions in Texas MUST be filed in the county and precinct where the property is located.

Services Offered


We currently offer services for 3 Day Notice, Eviction Lawsuit, and Abstract. Payments must be made in advance. All prices are based on cases involving non-payment of rent. Other cases may be higher.


3 Day Notice to Vacate $85*

This is very effective for persistent late payers. Many times, once the tenant knows you are serious about the demand for payment, the situation can be easily resolved without having to physically file the eviction.

What’s included:
  • We collect information on your tenant including all arrears. You should start this on the 1st day after rent is due! Don’t delay.
  • We regular mail and certify mail the notice to your tenant on your behalf.
  • We guarantee the notice we deliver will have all required information so that your paperwork is 100% accurate.

*Additional fees and taxes may apply. Additional filing fees may apply.

Non Contested Eviction $750*

If you have been getting the run around for days or weeks it’s time to file. You’ve got your mortgage to pay and they haven’t paid rent. Get them out. This also applies to tenants who were notified to leave the property at the end of the lease (holdover). This is full service from the start of the notice to obtaining the judgment.
What’s included:
  • Obtain court date
  • Attend the hearing, present the evidence, and obtain judgment so long as it is not appealed.
  • Coordinate with client 6 days after receiving the judgment to determine whether tenants are still occupying property.
  • Writ of Possession will be determined at this point **.

*Additional fees and taxes may apply. Additional filing fees may apply.

Writ of Possession

How often is this needed? Statistically – 25% of the time.

If you have already gone through the Non Contested Eviction process, and 6 days later the tenants are still occupying the property – this will be necessary to get your property back. This gives you the right to move the tenants out against their will – it is typically referred to as a “physical eviction”. The Writ of Possession is a separate filing fee and process altogether. The constable notifies the tenants of the “physical removal date” (around 5 days later). Due to lack of manpower, we are not currently offering this service.

What’s included:

Abstract of Judgment $75

If no appeal is filed, you can request an ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT. This document places a lien against any non-exempt, real property of the losing party for a period of ten years and is renewable. When requesting an Abstract of Judgment, you should, whenever possible, provide the court with the losing party’s date of birth, Texas Drivers License number, current address and amount, if any, that had already been collected on the Judgment. Keep in mind that collecting on a judgment is difficult!



We can represent you in an appeal situation as we are licensed attorneys. If you need to consult an attorney because the tenant has filed an appeal we will be more than happy to speak to you.


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